About Us


Business Promoters & Partners Engineering (Pvt) Ltd (BPPE) was established in November 2007 as a limited liability company. We have strived immensely to establish ourselves as a keen competitor in the construction industry, with considerable successes. We have actively engaged in construction projects of all Civil Engineering principles, in the country.


Our team is multi skilled and proactive with a need to use innovation as driver for success. This trait together with the state of art, modern sophisticated technology base and infinite resource availability, has seen us gain a competitive edge, especially in efficient and timely project completion executed to the highest standards of Quality and Safety. We have also recognized reliable contractors specialized in works as "Taskmaster's", who definitely complete projects on time, with assured quality.

Company Overview

We have been accredited CIDA grading C-1 for Highways, C-2 for Irrigation, C-3 for Water Supply, C-3 for Maritime Construction, C-3 for Bridges, C- 2 for Storm Water Drainage and certified with ISO 9001:2008 in Sri Lanka. We have the committed management and the engineering team, which has grown to over 700 persons and has successfully completed over 60 civil engineering projects.

We have successfully completed infrastructure development projects worth over billions of rupees during the last seven years, mainly on Roads, Bridges, Irrigation, Water supply and Storm Water Drainage & Environment Improvement sectors.

We also have a fleet of heavy machinery which is capable of handling large scale construction work.

Maintaining quality and safety standards is a top priority aspect in our company. We have continued to maintain our spirited edge in the engineering industry by providing cost effective engineering services and also all our construction sites conform to environmental regulations and requirements and constantly strive at strengthening our contribution towards the protection of nature.