Chairman's Message

The multidisciplinary nature of the company has been a blessing to accomplish its establishment as a professional business organization having its core engagement in the construction industry. The objective of our next step forward shall focus on the diversification towards productive and lucrative global business ventures in the areas of all other sectors.

It is our desire to transform the company into macro enterprise through new collaborations, partnerships, joint ventures, to share the expertise and experience in a boundless business environment.

We have opened many windows of business opportunities through our subsidiary companies and our determination, therefore, is to develop more entities as subsidiary companies to join hands with professionals in all the sectors and offer ownerships as entrepreneurs who shall share their competencies and expertise to strive forward to reach the company vision.

It is a privilege to witness BPPE emerging as the "Gold Award Winner" for the construction sector at the National Business Excellence Awards recognizing its predominant reason for our success is the dedication, commitment and professionalism of the management and administration in all disciplines.

our primary objective is to engage in our share of business, serving the society with due care and concern on environment to motivate and influence people to strive for a better future filled with happiness.

Gration Fernando
Chairman/ Managing Director