Going Green

Our Strategy is the first step towards established an eco-friendly concept that embeds environmentally sustainable practices into all activities. The strategy has built on following core concepts.

Tree Planting Program - Oddusudan Area

Business Promoters & Partners Engineering private limited has planned to help hand school children of the Oddusudan area to plant 5000 number of trees at their home gardens. To make this worthy course more practical and meaningful, management of the company decided to start project during the upcoming monsoon period and to pay the planters (children) Rs 200 every three months after monitoring the growth of the plant. Company will be distributing five plants for a child with a two kilogram fertilizer pack. There will be two coconut plants and one each jack, mango and other type of plants in the distributed pack.

Tree Saving

Concern over the conservation of environment by saving the trees as much as possible while construction.